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Birkendale Photo Gallery >>> Grading, Sorting, Packaging & Weighing Processed Stone

Once the stone is processed, it is sorted, skidded, packaged and weighed. We wrap each skid with clear wrap for safe transport to the customer site.

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Finished products are moved from the work area to the sorting area for grading, sorting and stacking. The stones are sorted onto skids according to grade, colour, size of area and thickness.

Most products are stacked 2 tons per skid. These skids are in the process of being filled.

Once a skid reaches capacity, it is shrink wrapped, weighed and labeled with the product type and weight. By weighing each skid individually, we ensure accurate weights to meet our customer requirements and trucking capacities.

By producing and maintaining an inventory of products, we can draw from it to fill orders. Orders are removed from the inventory and placed in the main loading area to await shipping.

As orders are placed, the products are removed from inventory and/or processed and the completed skids are placed in the shipping area, awaiting shipping. The shipping area (pictured here) is large enough to organize loads according to customer and order.

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