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Birkendale Photo Gallery >>> Loading/Shipping Stone

The stone is stored in inventory on site until it is shipped to a customer.

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Skids are moved to the landing in preparation of being loaded for shipping.

The adjustable forks on this Komatsu loader are able to load small pickup trucks as well as large tractor-trailers. Our experienced loader operators are able to gently place this customer's order on his pickup truck. This mason is receiving his shipment of sills custom cut for a cottager's windows.

The landing and loading area is able to accommodate tractor-trailers as large as "B" trains. Since this landing is so large, we are capable of shipping over 40 tons to market in a single load. The large open areas allow us to load trucks quickly and efficiently.

The Komatsu is able to load trucks of any size. Our team works with the driver to ensure safe placement of the products. Highway 35 can be seen past the loader. This excellent location makes the quarry easy to find and access.

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