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Birkendale Photo Gallery | Blasting

Blasting is the first step in quarrying granite. In preparation of the blast, the land must be cleared of trees, grass and soil. The overburden is stripped and stored along the perimeter for future rehabilitation. Granular fill found is saved for road bases in the quarry.

Once the face is stripped, the rock is drilled and prepared for blasting. The blast does not blow the rocks into the sky. The blast 'loosens' the rock so that it can be pulled apart and removed.

Click on any of the thumbnails (small images) to see a larger view of the graphic.

This is a new face which will be cleared and accessed in the Spring of 2002.

This face, having been stripped of overburden, is drilled and prepared for blasting. The area directly in front of the rock face has been leveled for ease of access and removal of rock.

A previous blast has been excavated and sorted to open this face for a new blast. After blasting, the rubble and unprocessable stone is used for road construction on-site. This new road (to the right) will aid in access of large trucks and equipment to new blast areas.

We will be posting pictures of the drilling and blasting process soon. Please check back for new pictures.

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